About Us

IMG_5582For the past year I was looking for a business that would carry us into retirement. Both Verna & I have been in the retail business most of our adult life. We felt it was time to slow down from the corporate world into something that was less stressful, but at the same time rewarding. We were pondering over several business’ but wanted something unique. There are too many restaurants, carwashes, laundry mats, dollar stores that go in and out of business. We were in a shopping mall one day and stopped in a candy
store looking around that’s when we knew this is what we wanted to do. The only place to find a candy store was either at the mall or in the mountain towns. So that’s how Grandma’s Sweet Tooth was born. One day I was talking to a friend who was a business owner and he told me, give nothing away for free.
But Verna & I have our own philosophy. If we want to give samples or free candy to young
children we will. We believe the more you give the more you receive. We are not looking to get rich, but to serve the community and establish relationships with our customers. In years to come we want to be known as Grandma Verna & Grandpa Leonard. We do have a total of 20 grandchildren. If your in the neighborhood,  just stop in to say hello
or to see the store.